Scanner 2.0

Scanner 2.0 Glyph

Scanner 2.0 monitors and records the temperatures from up to eight thermocouples, plots the temperature as a function of time on a graph, and saves the data to an ASCII test (*.txt) or comma-separated variable (*.csv) file. Spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or Corel Quattro Pro can easily import these files. These file formats data can also be loaded into Scanner again. The scan procedures can also be saved and reused at a later time.

This version of Scanner requires a Keithley 199 DMM/System Scanner to perform the actual data collection procedures. If this instrument is not available them Scanner will still run, but its data collection functions only work in demonstration mode where artificial data is generated by Scanner itself. Contact me if you would like to collaborate on getting Scanner to work with other instruments.

Scanner 2.0 screen shot

The current version of Scanner 2.0 still needs a little work. It was completed just in time for class and it still does not have all of the amenities one expects to find in a professional-quality Windows program. For instance, it does not have help utility and it cannot load a data or scan procedure file by double-clicking its icon. Nevertheless, the core functions are working properly and you should have no problem using this version of Scanner.

File: Scanner20.exe
Contents: executable, user guide, sample data files, sample scan procedures, sample printouts
Size: 771 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Format: Self-extracting ZIP file