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I have written a couple of programs that were used by my students and which I am making available to all here. So far the offerings are probably only useful to materials scientists, engineers, and technicians, but who knows, I may get back to a few projects, like the Kaiculator (a talking calculator that uses mom or dad's voice to speak the numbers), and get working well enough to feel comfortable sharing with the world.

Jominey Icon Jominy 2.02 - A program to use when performing Jominy end-quench tests. It plots the hardenability curves, calculates the steel's hardenability curve from its composition, estimates the ideal diameter, and then gives you a nice printout.
Scanner 2.0 Icon Scanner 2.0 - This program uses the Keithley 199 DMM to monitor the temperature from up to eight thermocouples. This program is used in cooling curve experiments where metals are melted and their cooling is monitored in order to detect the temperatures where phase transformations occur.
Heyns Method Icon Heyn's 2.02 - This program is helpful when measuring grain size using the mean lineal intercept method.
Point Count Method Icon Point Count 2.02 - This program is helpful when measuring volume fraction of phases when using the systematic point count method.


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