The Blitz

The Blitz is Opel Motorsport Club's newsletter, if you can still call it that. It started out as a newsletter, just a few photocopied pages stapled together, folded, and mailed out to members, but over time it changed. As computers, word processing software, and graphics software improved, and as the club's membership and interest in classic Opel increased, so did The Blitz. Eventually it went to a full-page format and expanded to 20+ pages and from there it gradually got thicker and slicker, to the point where when I took on the job of editor that it looked very much like a magazine.

So here I am, about a year into this job and while not exactly keeping the pace of publication steady I have been able to make my own improvements to the look and content. The typical issue today is around 40 pages, is in full color, and includes columns that are perfect for members' stories.

The Blitz is a members-only publication, but samples can be provided to people who are interested in seeing it. Contact me if you are one of those people, or if you have an Opel story to tell.