Point Count 2.02

Point Count Glyph

This program is similar in style, features and function to the Heyn's Method program except that it calculates the volume fraction of a phase based on the systematic point count technique. It can also be used for measuring area fractions.

This program can be used to help when doing the counting that is required when measuring volume or area fraction of a phase in a micrograph or being viewed under the microscope. It handles data entry and the routine calculations plus it displays a histogram showing the measurements and the normal distribution, a helpful feature for those students new to sampling statistics.

There is also a handy keypad (form) included that one can use to tally counts while looking at the sample in the microscopy. You don't have to actually count points on the grid, just click the mouse for each intercept you see, then click next, and click away again. After five samples have been entered the relevant statistics will be displayed.

Point Count 2.02 Screen Shot

File: PointCount202.exe
Contents: executable and documentation with includes a description of the volume fraction measurement procedure along with a couple of exercises.
Size: 865 MB
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Format: Self-extracting ZIP file