ksCNi Splash

ksCNi - Software for the Newport CNi Series Controllers
I have used a number of Newport's CNi Series of temperature/process controllers in computer controlled and monitored test equipment and in each succeeding project I started using more and more if it's features. I finally sat down and wrote a test program for my own use so that I could learn to control every aspect of these controllers and to develop reusable code that I could plug into my projects. Well, as these things tend to go, that involved into a stand-alone program that I could use for more than just testing.

This software lets you control upload and download all of the controller's settings, to change any of them, and to change, monitor, and log the set points and the process variables. The layout of the screen mimics that of these controllers and the tabbed sheets where you can examine and change the controller's configuration are loosely organized in the same way as the menus you can access via the controller's front panel.

ksCNi Screen Shot

You can use this software to operate many controllers by running more than one copy. Simply copy the program to different folders and edit the configuration file to provide the I/O settings (such as the I.P. address) for each controller.

This software is not available for distribution yet, even though there are a few copies in the field already, being used in a limited capacity. But it needs more testing and validation. Plus, I'd like to provide a proper manual and on-line help with it. When time permits, or if it becomes a priority, I'll do just that.