M.S. Thesis Book Cover

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A Master's Thesis?

I always wanted to create a version of my Master's thesis that looked like a real book, or at least something better than what U.C. Davis specified for such works. Well, it turns out that as the work's author I own the copyright to it, so now I can publish it myself, and make it look the way I want, and that's just what I did.

Characterization of the Superplasticity of the Two-Phase Ti-6Al-4V Alloy

by Mike Meier

It's an important material in a number of industries, and is the most widely used titanium alloy. It is twice as stong as unalloyed titanium, yet has significantly lower density than steel. It is very responsive to heat treatment, highly corrosion resistant, and has a high fracture toughness, but unfortunately it is a bit diffcult in terms of machinability and formability. That's where superplasticity comes in. A number of alloys, in the right metallurgical condition, and at the right temperature and strain rate, can exhibit extraordinary ductility, allowing one to create complex-shaped parts from a single sheet or bar of the material. And in the case of titanium alloys, the forming process can also employ diffusion bonding, meaning it is possible to both form and join separate pieces of metal at the same time.

Understanding exactly how Ti-6Al-4V does this is not well known, and studies conducted on it faced a number of complications. First a foremmost is that the fraction of the α and ß phases is different for each test/forming temperature. This means that at different temperatures we basically have different materials, and working that into a model of the behavior of this material is what this work was all about.