Race Day, 2003


Race Day, 2003

By Mike Meier

Copyright 2021
38 pages
21 illustrations

When my nephew Kai was four years old I built him a race track. It ran through my kitchen, down the hall, and into my office and bedroom. Masking tape marked the edges of the track, the pit area, and the winner's circle. Then I positioned his Playmobile cars and people and took photos, started writing the story to go with them, but never finished it.

Soon Kai will be graduating from college and I thought just maybe it was time to finally finish the book. The cars are long gone, and I had since moved, but I still had the photos and the draft of the original story, so after 17 years I got to work on it again. After a few evenings of work it was done, and a little over a week later and only a few days before Christmas I was wrapping it in the last of my "Ho Ho Ho" paper.

Now Kai has a book that will remind him of his fun visits to his uncle's home, and he has a book he can share with his own children, someday. When that day does come, I'll be wrapping a roll of masking tape in "Ho Ho Ho" paper and giving it to him for Christmas.