M.S. Thesis Book Cover

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A Ph.D. Dissertation?

Having just finished reformatting my Master's thesis to make a nice book, I could not help but push on and do the same for my dissertation. I intended it as a book I'd give friends and family, but who know, others might be interested in reading it. But be warned, it is not a casual read.

The Superplasticity of Ti-6Al-4V and Iron-Modified Ti-6Al-4V

by Mike Meier

It turns out that by adding a few percent of ß-stabilizing elements such as iron, nickel, and cobalt to the alloy Ti-6Al-4V one can reduce the forming temperature which gives you superplastic behavior. The temperatures we are talking about here are in the orange-hot range, over 900°C, and superplasticity is a behavior where extraordinary ductility can be obtained from otherwise difficult-to-form materials. We're takling 350% here, where 20-40% is the norm.

As a research project, this gave me the chance to look deeper into the role of the proportions of the α and ß phases. The former is the harder of the two, and the proportions of each phase varies with temperature and iron content. Once again, by treating these materials as aggregate composites, I think I was able to work out a way to explain their superplastic behaviors.