Quattro Pro Tutorial

Working with Notebooks

The collection of spreadsheets and the objects sheet you work with when using Quattro Pro constitute a notebook. A notebook can contain up to 18,000 spreadsheets, clearly more than one ever need, but nevertheless one can easily select any of these spreadsheets using the tabs at the bottom of the desktop or using keyboard shortcuts. The notebook itself has a set of customizable properties such as color, grid lines, password protection, turning off the scroll bars and sheet tabs, and others, all of which will apply to all sheets. Quattro Pro also allows you to work with more than one sheet at a time and switching between sheets.


Selecting a Notebook

Switching between open notebooks is done by selecting the notebook from the list shown in the Windows item in the main menu, as shown below. Several notebooks can be displayed at a time by using the standard Cascade and Tile options or by resizing the windows manually.

Notebook selection using the Window item in the main menu
The main menu's "Window" item lets you see which notebooks are open and to select one of them.

You can also see which notebooks are open by looking at the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Click the notebook you want to work with and it will appear.

Notebook selection pop-up at the bottom left of the desktop
The current notebook is displayed in the box in the extreme bottom left of the desktop. You can click the tab in the lower left corner to select a different notebook.

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Saving and Opening Groups

A notebook group is in effect created whenever you have more than one notebook open. But, to get Quattro Pro to recognize these as a group, you simply save it as such by selecting Files|NotebookGroups|Save Notebook Group from the main menu (see the figure below). Likewise, to open these notebooks as a group just select Files|NotebookGroups|Open Notebook Group.

Use the Notebook Groups submenu to save and open notebook groups.

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Linking Notebooks to External Applications

Coming soon.

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Notebook Properties

Notebook properties define attributes that apply to the notebook itself as well as for all of the spreadsheets and objects in the notebook. Notebook properties include password protection, entering a summary of the notebook and viewing its statistics, setting the colors and other display options, defining how Quattro Pro performs recalculations and others.

All of these properties are accessible through the Active Notebook Properties dialog form (see below). This dialog can be brought up using the main menu by selecting Format|Notebook Properties or using the keyboard shortcut Shift+F12.

Pressing Shift+F12 will bring up this dialog. With it you
can change many of the current notebook's properties.
Note that any changes made here will be applied to
all sheets.

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Hints and Suggestions

  • Coming soon.

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