Art Projects

What can someone who has an advanced degree in materials science, thousands of hours pointing a camera down the barrel of a microscope, and experience making instructional videos, do in the way of art? Well, I guess I just have a different set of art tools than most, so we'll see.

Aesthetigraphs Icon Aesthetigraphs - a photo-montage using images unique to materials science, an aesthetic and analytical appreciation of nature, and of our natures. To see some of the photos used in this video click here.
Vengeance Icon Vengeance of the Lion - transformations, literally, in form and color. The dance of liquid crystals and the music of ACME Rocket Quartet provide a few minutes of calming, mesmerizing, something.
Photography Icon Photography - Always bring your towel and your camera with you everywhere you go.
Video Icon Video - Dancing, people, racing, pouring molten metals.