Team Tinyvette, Vol. 1

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Team Tinyvette, Vol. 2

By Mike Meier

282 pages, 160 color photos
Copyright 2023

Volume 2 picks up the story in 2015 with the team getting the car ready for a potenitally cold, wet, and crowded race at the bucket-list track Sonoma Raceway (Sears Point). From there it's back to Thunderhill, then Buttonwillow, and the team even makes it north once to race at the new track near Shelton, WA, at The Ridge Motorsports Park.

Where volume 1 told stories about how well we could do at times, it also told of our disasters, and that is also the case with volume 2, where we went through way too many engines, or how I now see it, we learned a lot. At least we solved the transmission problem. Anyway, we kept coming back for more, and if you've ever raced before, you know what I am saying here.

In addition to the racing, this book includes a condensed version of the story of the Tinyvette's Cannonball Run, and it includes a couple of stories about the Opel wagon we have started racing.

Below are links to a couple samples from the book.