How On Fire Are We?

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Here are a couple of "endorsements".

"It really is a great piece of work, and you should be proud. Folks just expect a hooptie book about hooptie racing in hooptie cars. But my perception is that most of the folks out there are really talented people putting a tremendous amount of creativity and hard work into all of it, including cloaking their talents behind a thin veneer of P.O.S." - Jon Harlan

"Far exceeds my expectations, this really is a top notch effort." - Brian Shorey

"My copy arrived today, been reading it all night!" - Brett Sloman

"I'm going to thank you one more time for pouring the effort into this project. I've had my copy for about a week now and finally stopped just randomly flipping through it and started reading from the front cover. I am (pleasantly) surprised to find that this book is actually readable! (You have my permission to use that as a cover blurb on the second addition)." - John Van Valkenburg

"Just finished. Very well done. Thanks for putting this together." - Squidrope

"Gave one to my dad for his birthday, he drags it with him everywhere. All of his friends have read bits. Last night my mom called. Said she was walking up to the house and could hear hysterical laughter. It was Dad reading the quotes in the back. We'll done everyone!!!" - Rae Heselbach


How On Fire Are We?

Edited by Mike Meier

Copyright 2014
320 pages, 432 illustrations

It had started out as a pamphlet. We were going to be displaying some Lemons race cars in the Sacramento Automobile Museum and I thought people would need an explanation, and proof, that these were really race cars. Then I thought, maybe I should include entries for the teams that wanted to but could not bring their cars. Then I thought, why not give everyone a chance to be in this, so that the pamphlet would give a more well rounded account of Lemons racing. Four months later, we had the 320 page pamphlet that is this book.

The book itself was written by the teams that race in the 24 Hours of Lemons. Why do they race? How did the teams form? How did their first, and last, race go? The teams themselves tell you.

Now to be fair I don't think people were expecting much. What the hell, a bunch of greasy crapcan racers, writing? Jon Harlan's comments on the left address this. There is a lot of talent in the teams racing these cheap old cars, and a lot of passion, and both are found in abundance in this book. See for yourself. Below are links to a couple entries in the book.

By the way, the initial release of this book raised a total of $1500 has been raised for the charities featured in the book.