Harold Tacker Cover

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Blue Fires at Dawn - The Story of Harold Tacker

By Hal Tacker and Mike Meier

Publication: soon

Based on the script for movie Blue Fires at Dawn, this book tells the story of one of early ag aviation's premiere pilots. Harold's story begins with his first flight with Fred Key in Ole Miss then tells of his early days of crop dusting in Mississippi, his adventures in Nicaragua, a violent encounter with disgruntled crop dusters in Reynosa, and a brief but profitable career bootlegging for Louise Hathcock and the State Line Gang, who were the bad guys in the "Walking Tall" movies.

When the economies of cotton country faltered, California beckoned, and Harold and his family moved west and dusted, sprayed, and seeded fields in the Sacramento Valley for over 30 years.

This is a story of aviation at the close of the barnstorming era and the beginning of a serious aviation industry, up through the day of the modern Air Tractor. Harold's story in a way is the story of all the other duster pilots, too, and the things they did to put food on the table doing the only thing in life they could see doing, which was flying.