BS4TV Samples

This page offers a couple of examples of BS4TV videos made for different types of motorsports events. Enjoy.

  • Road Race
  • Drag Race
  • AutoX

Sample Road Race Video

This video is from a road race session where BS4TV was used to display the RPM and accelerometer data.  The track was Buttonwillow Raceway and we were driving course 14 in the counter-clockwise direction.  I'm driving my Prelude and the camera is mounted in the grill, just above the bumper. The microphones were mounted on the rear bumper near each tail light and the G-tech Pro was mounted on my windshield.  My engine is stock, I'm on street tires, and this is my first time at this track.

The esses that come up just after entering the track from the pits is a part of this video where the lateral accelerometer gauges add a lot to the video.  Knowing that you're looking at 0.8-0.9 G's braking followed by a hard 0.9 G's left turn makes it a lot easier for your audience to see that this is definitely not normal driving. Video alone has such a tendency to make the car look a lot slower than it really was. Throughout the rest of the course you can see that I'm maintaining 0.6 G's cornering in sweepers, then back up to 0.8 and higher for tighter turns, and unfortunately I'm only getting a measly 0.1 G's acceleration from by 2.2L engine.

Several people have commented that they don't believe the lateral G's data because they are much higher than published skip pad data, but then this is not a skid pad, and it does accurately represent what the driver feels.  One does have to allow for body roll which may account for up to 0.1 G's (stiff springs and sway bar), and the longitudinal G's readings will be off when climbing or descending a hill. But even so, there is turn near the end of the course where the left banking is greater than the car's roll to the right and it is still reading 1.1 G's. I guess this is something to be debated at your local bench races.

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Sample Drag Race Video

This video shows Mike Smith's twin 2-liter Mini Clubman Estate at the Shakespeare County Raceway drag strip in Stratford, England during the Mini Showdown 2006 event.  This event is held every year specifically for the Mini's to find the fastest UK Mini.  The Mini was originally an 8v 1100cc 50hp estate which now uses 2x GM 1998cc 16v engines producing about 180bhp (flywheel figure) each with one driving the front wheels and the other the rear, the car weighs less than a ton so has a good power to weight ratio. If you would like more details of the car construction and specifications please look at

This was the car's first outing at the strip and traction was proving to be a major issue, even when launching in 2nd gear the front wheels would start spinning madly.  The only way to get a clean start was to launch at low rpm and let the engines bog down (as can be shown on the Longitudinal G display dropping to approx 0.5 and rising to 0.7 once in the correct torque band). This resulted in a poor 60ft time of 2.098s but allowed me to maintain grip and lower the overall ET to 12.695 @ 115.39mph.  Also during this event there were remaining issues with the gear linkage working correctly taking several seconds to engage the next gear. After analysing the G-Tech data on the laptop it was deemed to be a faster run by skipping 3rd gear using 2nd to start then straight into 4th (this did mean holding 2nd gear well past optimum shift rpm which is seen as the G drops to approx 0.4 near the shift point).  This run resulted in placing 4th in class and 6th overall for the event.

This write-up and the video courtesy were provided by Mike Smith.  Many thanks!

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Sample Autocross Video

Coming soon.

Meanwhile, here's how a lot of people display their GTech Pro data on their track videos. A screen capture program is used to record the replay on the PASS software, and this is cropped, sized, and overlaid on the video.

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