Quattro Pro Tutorial


Welcome to using Quattro Pro in solving your materials science problems. I think you'll find it a very powerful and intuitive program that has some very nice features not available in Excel. Quattro Pro has been around since the late 1980's, was one of the earliest spreadsheets to include a tabbed notebook feature, and one of the first to offer a graphical user's interface, and much more, and that was back in the old days of MS-DOS. Since then Quattro Pro has grown and evolved as Windows and the needs of its users have changed. In it's current form it is feature-for-feature on par with the leading spreadsheet program, Microsoft's Excel, and while it is not available for Apple users, it is available for Linux users.

Obviously Microsoft's Excel is the leading spreadsheet program today, but Excel users need not worry. The basic layout and concepts are the same, as they are in many other spreadsheet programs, and for the most part Excel users will simply need to learn to use a different set of menus. But even should not be a problem since Quattro Pro includes an option to use Excel and Lotus 123-style menus.

This tutorial is designed for people who have never used Quattro Pro or are not familiar with some of Quattro Pro’s more interesting features. It begins with an introduction to the concept of the Quattro Pro notebook and the layout of the desktop, moves quickly on to fundamental spreadsheet elements such as sheets, cells, formulas, functions, and charts, and finally to advanced numerical tools, macros, and using form controls you can use to give your projects Windows-like controls such as buttons and scroll bars.

Each tutorial includes exercises designed to teach one how to perform specific spreadsheet operations. The first exercises include step-by-step instructions on how to complete the exercise, often showing the student several ways to do the same thing, and even going as far as to specify which menu item to select or button to press. Later on the exercises assume a basic familiarity with Quattro Pro and therefore the instructions are less detailed. Each exercise includes screen shots of the completed spreadsheet, showing what the final spreadsheet should look like at the end of each exercise, and providing a model to work from.

The emphasis here is on teaching the basics of using Quattro Pro and not on solving engineering problems. Each exercise, however, is an example of the type of project that is ideal for spreadsheets and demonstrates how easy it is to fire up Quattro Pro and use it to solve engineering, as well as other, problems. It is hoped that besides teaching the nuts-and-bolts of spreadsheet programming that these tutorials also give the student a better idea of how an idea or a solution to a problem can be developed using a spreadsheet.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with the Microsoft Windows environment, the concept of computer files, opening and closing these files, printing, etc. is assumed. Certain Windows operations, such as copying and pasting data and objects between applications, will be included in this tutorial. Keyboard shortcuts, an efficient but underutilized feature of Windows, will also be covered in these tutorials.

Downloads: Click to open, or right-click and "Save As..." to download these file to your computer.

  • Tutorial - this complete tutorial as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (coming soon).
  • Illustrations - the Quattro Pro spreadsheet containing all of the illustrations shown in this tutorial (coming soon)