SAMS - Kinetics of Grain Growth in the C26000 Alloy

Abstract: This exercise is based on a laboratory experiment that looks into the grain growth kinetics of the C26000 alloy (70/30 brass, cartridge brass). It begins with a brief introduction of the grain growth phenomenon, focusing on ideal grain growth, but in the end the students will analyze real data that deviates, in expected ways, from the ideal behavior.

This exercise begins with a brief description of the equipment, the experimental procedure, and the relevant equations. The student is then asked to complete a series of spreadsheet exercises that will give him/her a better picture of diffusivity in Cu-Zn alloys and of grain growth. The student is then asked to model ideal grain growth. This will get them more familiar with this model and will build confidence required to be able to handle real data. The final task is analyzing and interpreting the results from the experiment.

Microstructure of cold rolled 70/30 brass annealed at 450, 550 and 750˚C for
1 hour. Note the different grain sizes in (b) and (c).

Prerequisite Knowledge: diffusion, microstructures, recrystallization, recovery, grain growth.

Spreadsheet Skills: Spreadsheet skills used in this spreadsheet include basic calculations and the use of the natural log and exponential functions (ln and exp). It also requires the use of the regression tool to determine the slope of the lines in the plots.  (The trend lines in the graphs can also be used for this purpose.) Basic bar charts and XY plots are used in these exercises.

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