SAMS - Getting Started

The SAMS project includes a number of documents and tutorials designed to help the student get up and running quickly. This page offers two that a student new to spreadsheets will appreciate. 

Getting Stated (Quickly) Using Spreadsheets

Typical spreadsheet format.This module consists of three very basic exercises that are designed to help you get you off to a quick start working the SAMS exercises. It involves performing simple calculations and plotting the data and is split into three exercises:

  • Prepare a new spreadsheet project
  • Perform the calculations
  • Plot the results

A simple step-by-step procedure is given for each exercise, guiding the student through the process of building a structured, readable, extensible spreadsheet. A screen shot and printout are also included. For people who are completely new to spreadsheets, the same procedures are also given in the appendices, and these go into much more detail, including the keystrokes, menus, and even which buttons to press in order to enter data and formulas, format the cells, and create the graph. (Both Corel Quattro Pro and Microsoft Excel are supported.) Additional hints are given to help the student with this and future spreadsheet exercises.

Prerequisite Knowledge: familiarity with diffusion coefficients is helpful but not necessary.

Spreadsheet Skills: Spreadsheet skills used in this spreadsheet include basic calculations and the use of the natural log function. It also includes creating a basic XY graph.

Download: Click the link below to download the module.

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Hints and Suggestions for Building Spreadsheets

Typical spreadsheet format.This short document provides a number of helpful hints and suggestions for building spreadsheets. Subject categories include:

A screen shot of a spreadsheet that illustrates the recommended layout is also provided.

Prerequisite Knowledge: Some experience with spreadsheets is helpful but not required.

Spreadsheet Skills: None.

Download: Click the link below to download this document.

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