Welcome to K Street Studio

Art - art in nature, from under the microscope

Software - including BS4TV (Blue Screens for Track Videos), which you can use to overlay your car's data on your track videos, and also CNi Series, software to run the Newport CNi Series temperature/process controllers.

Science - Materials science, actually, including laboratory experiments, software, and related materials from my past life at U.C. Davis, and SAMS - Spreadsheet Applications for Materials Science.

At the Track - Driving, instructing, and other things related to my time spent at the race track.

Projects - sort of a blog describing completed projects.

Reviews - my experiences with products I have used in various projects.

Gallery - photos from projects, travels, and the track.

I was there with the Evil Genius Racing's team for the 24 Hours of Lemons race in December, shooting video and photographing the race. Here's a sample video from the event. For the details and more video see the projects page. Photographs will appear in the gallery page when I get a chance to update that.